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Troop Guidelines

updated March 22, 2016


Meetings are every Tuesday night from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM at the Bushkill Township Firehouse unless otherwise noted on the Troop Calendar on the website or via email from the Troop.

Troop meetings will run from the first Tuesday school day of the NASD calendar to the Troop Picnic in June.

If the Nazareth Area School District (NASD) cancels school or closes school early due to foul weather there will be no meeting. On dates that school is scheduled off the green bar will determine if there will be a meeting.


Class A uniform

The Class A uniform is the complete scout uniform including the Scout tan shirt, scout green pants and Scout neckerchief with slide. The Troop accepts green/olive khaki pants in lieu of the official scout green pants as part of the class A, but wearing of the official uniform pants is encouraged.

The class A uniform is worn to all meetings, Court of Honor Ceremonies, while travelling to and from outings, devotions and flag ceremonies, Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.

Class B

The class B uniform is a scout related t-shirt or polo shirt.

The class B is typically worn when the class A is not required. The class B is uniform is used during camping trips and Troop work activities. The Troop sells class B shirts if desired.


See Troop By Laws for information on dues.


The Troop plans an outing every month of the year. Signup sheets for the trips are out at every meeting as well as on the Troop website. We recommend parents look at the signup sheet online to see what trips their scout has signed up for. It also allows verifying that your scout does not have a conflicting activity on that date.

Medical Forms: All adults (leaders and those participating in outings) and scouts must complete sections A and B annually while part C must also be completed for activities lasting more than 72 hours. Part D is required for specific national high adventure activities such as Sea Base and Philmont. The form is current for 12 months from date signed.

Expenses: The scout is responsible for his portion of the of the trip expenses. The expenses typically include food, campsite fees, rentals, entrance fees and a travel fee when necessary. Some trips require a non-refundable payment. You will be given notice when a deposit is non-refundable. Scouts can use the money in their Troop account to pay for these expenses by notifying the Treasurer and the adult in charge of the event.

Medications: Parents must ensure all medications are recorded on the scout’s medical form and provide a contact number if different than what is listed on the medical form. Also, any medications that the boy is on, both OTC and prescription must be labeled with scout’s name and given to the adult in charge of the trip along with written dosing instructions.

High Adventure: A few times a year the Troop offers high adventure outings to the scouts. These trips are more strenuous then our monthly outings and typically require that the boys are at least 14 years old and 1st class rank or above.

Electronic devices: Items such as radios, tape players, CD players, MP3, Ipods, DVD players, electronic games are not allowed while we are on outings but may be used during travel to and from outings at the discretion of the driver of the vehicle. Cell phones, smart phones and cameras are permitted at the discretion of the parent as the Troop holds no liability for loss or damage. Trip leaders have the leeway to suspend all or part of this rule depending on the parameters of the trip. All unauthorized devices will be confiscated for the duration of the trip. Use of electronics devices during meetings and COH’s is not allowed other than cameras/video recorders as appropriate; failure to comply will result in device confiscation for the duration of the event.

No sheath knives or double bit axes are allowed at any scout function and they will be confiscated for the duration of the trip.

No aerosol containers or lighters are allowed by scouts and they will be confiscated for the duration of the trip.

No firearms, fireworks, tobacco, illicit drugs or alcohol are allowed at any scout function by either scouts or adults. Individuals will be immediately expelled from the function. Parents will be called to pick up their scouts. Additional action may be taken.

Gear Inspections. All gear will be inspected prior to leaving for a trip and upon return to ensure all equipment is serviceable. Any damage, loss or repairs must be reported to the Quartermaster and the adult in charge of the outing.

NOTE: Signing up for a trip is a commitment to the Troop and the patrol. If a scout drops from a trip he may be charged with his portion of all expenses of the trip.

Other Troop Activities

Other Troops activities include, but are not limited to, Troop fundraisers, community functions such as parades and picnics, scouting for food and charter organization activities.

Leadership Positions

Boys must be first class or above to get a leadership position. Elected positions are:

  • Senior Patrol Leader (SPL) – one year term elected in March – responsible for supervising all other boy leaders and running all Troop activities. The scoutmaster nominates the SPL candidates.
  • Scribe – six month term elected in September and March – responsible for tracking attendance at all events and distributing minutes of the green bar meetings.
  • Quartermaster – six month term elected in September and March – responsible for distributing and tracking all Troop gear for trips and for distributing gear to be cleaned up.
  • Patrol Leader – six month term elected in September and March – responsible for leading a patrol of boys during Troop meetings and trips.

The eligibility list for all other positions will be read before voting starts. A scout can refuse eligibility for a leadership position.

Appointed positions are:

  • Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) – one year term appointed by the SPL in March (scout can accept or reject). Assumes all SPL duties in the absence of the SPL. The Scoutmaster will nominate ASPL candidates to the SPL.
  • Troop Guide – six month position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Responsible for training the scouts and leading new scout patrols.
  • Librarian – six month position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Responsible for organizing Troop books and videos and checking out books to the boys.
  • Historian – six month position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Keeps a scrapbook of Troop activities and photos on the troop website.
  • OA Representative – Must be OA member – One year position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject) – represents the Troop at OA meetings.
  • Chaplain Aide – six month position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Helps run religion functions such as vespers and prayers at the meeting.
  • Den Chief – One year position nominated by and Den Leader and approved by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Must complete Den Chief training. Develops a list of responsibilities with the Den Leader and performs those duties.
  • Junior Assistant Scoutmaster – six month position nominated by the Scoutmaster (scout can accept or reject). Assist the scoutmaster and SPL in their duties.

Adult Positions and Responsibilities

  • Charter Representative – Communicates between the charter organization and the Troop. Has overall responsibility for and authority over the Troop.
  • Committee Chair – Must have council training – reports to Charter Rep responsible for all business functions and supports the Scoutmaster – responsible for working with Council and running committee meetings.
  • Scoutmaster – Must have council training – responsible for running Troop functions with the SPL and green bar committee and conducting SM conferences.
  • Committee Member – Volunteer position – responsible to attend committee meetings and execute tasks assigned by Committee Chair. A detailed list of all available Committee positions is maintained on the Troop website.
  • Assistant Scoutmaster – Volunteer position – must have council training and executes tasks assigned by the Scoutmaster.

All adult leaders are required by BSA to have Youth Protection Training on a yearly basis and complete the required training specific for their position. In addition all adult leaders must comply with PA Act 15 requirements. No exceptions. If you are not trained/PA Act 15 compliant you will not be chartered with the Troop.

Firehouse Rules

  • No running in the firehouse
  • Troop members are only allowed in the social hall. All other areas can only be used with the permission of the Charter Representative.
  • Facility must be left clean and floors cleaned if needed.
  • Only use lights that are needed.
  • Chairs must be neatly arranged per firehouse direction at completion of meeting.
  • Troop will clean up the carnival grove annually, typically in the spring.
  • Troop will support operation of stands at the carnival per agreement with the COR.

Emergency Notification Process

If a Troop function must be cancelled on short notice the Scoutmaster will contact the SPL who will notify the green bar and the patrol leaders. The patrol leaders will notify the patrol members. An email from Troop leadership will also be sent.

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