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Thank you for selecting Troop 44 for your son Scouting experience and hopefully for yourself to be a member of what we feel is an outstanding organization. Joining a Troop is a very simple process and we’ve made it even easier for you. The links below take you to the forms needed on the BSA website to become a youth or adult member of the Troop.

The following information also details the training that is required by BSA for all adults before you can be a registered member of the Troop. The training is not optional, but required for all adult members. For your son, he has no training requirements, but a health form is needed. The health forms are mandatory and critical for safety if you or your son want to participate in any Troop outings including summer camp.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact any of the leaders on the Committee page.

Boy Scouts of America Youth and Adult Applications 

Scout Application* Adult Application*
Merit Badge Counselor*
BSA Medical Form A & B*
BSA Medical Form Part C* 
(required for summer camp)


A majority of BSA training can be taken at the website with a unique login that you create.  You can start taking training immediately and later associate your BSA ID number with your account.  Your ID number is given to you after you register as an active BSA member.

Youth and Adult Application Requirements

  1. Applications must be fully completed and signed by the parent for a Scout and the applicant for the Adult applications.  Applications are processed at the Troop level by the Committee Chair and delivered to the Council by the Committee Chair.
  2. Medical forms must be completed with copy of a medical insurance card (front and back); applicants must have a date for a tetanus shot. No physician signature required on parts A & B. Without Medical forms A & B, you or your son will not able able to participate in any Scouting activities with the Troop.  Their are no exceptions.   Part C is needed if you plan to attend summer camp with the Troop.
  3. Previous Scouting experience if applicable 
    –  BSA ID number (for new Scouts and Adult Leaders, you will be assigned one when registered)
    –  Date of Eagle Award   
    –  Prior Leadership positions held (Troop or Pack number and dates) 
    –  OA member? (Ordeal, Brotherhood, Vigil date) 
    –  Date of Den Chief Training (Scout only)
    –  Date of Arrow of Light (Scout only) 
    –  Date of National Youth Leadership Training (Scout only) 
    –  Merit Badge counselor? If so what badges (Adult only) 
    –  Copy of Troop Master file if available from previous Troop. 
  4. Other if applicable 
    –  Copy of First Aid certification card 
    –  Copy of CPR/AED certification card 
    –  Copy of Wilderness First Aid certification 
    –  Are you interested in a particular position? – Discuss with the Committee Chair.

Adult Scouting Application Additional Requirements

Training Required

The courses below will need to be taken prior to your application being accepted as an adult member of Troop 44.  Depending on the position you will be in whether it is on the Committee or part of the Program, different training is required.  Items 3 and 4 below are not expected to be taken prior to applying for a position as they are only offered at BSA facilities at specific times during the year.  Summer camp is generally an excellent time to take them if you can attend camp, but they are offered outside of summer camp via the Council.

  1. Youth Protection Training (Y01) – all leaders
  2. WEB Troop Committee Challenge (WS10) – for Committee Members only
  3. Scoutmaster Specific Training (S24) – for Assistant Scoutmasters only – This class is not taken online but at a BSA facility or summer camp.
  4. Intro to Outdoor Leader Skills (S11) – for Assistant Scoutmasters only – This class is not taken online but at a BSA facility or summer camp.

Additional Training Available

The courses below will aid in your ability to function as an adult member of Troop 44.

  1. WEB Boy Scout Leader Fast Start (WSFS) – all leaders
  2. WEB Climb on Safely (WS74) – all leaders
  3. WEB Trek Safely (WS76) – all leaders
  4. Weather Hazards Training (WS81) – all leaders
  5. Safety Afloat (SA) – all leaders
  6. Safe Swim Defense (SSD) – all leaders
  7. Swimming & Water Rescue (S82) – all leaders – This class is not taken online
  8. Paddle Craft Safety (S83) – all leaders – This class is not taken online
  9. CPR/AED (N06) – all leaders – This class is not taken online
  10. Basic First Aid (BFA) – all leaders – This class is not taken online
  11. Wilderness First Aid (N02) – all leaders – This class is not taken online

PA Act 15 Requirements

NOTE:  The PA Act 15 requirements apply to adult leaders and volunteers REGARDLESS if you are a registered leaders or not.  From Council ->  PA Act 15 Overview  & FAQ & New Volunteer Process

Before any adult application can be submitted to Council, the following items must be completed prior to working with Scout youth.  NO EXCEPTIONS are available to this policy.  DON’T ASK.  Additional information on PA Act 15 can be found on the Council PA Act 15 page.

  • PA State Police Criminal History
    • No fee associated.
    • Completed online.
    • Must be renewed every five years.
    • Must be completed online.
  • PA Department of Human Services (DHS)
    • No fee associated.
    • Completed online.
    • Must be renewed every five years
    • A paper form CY 113 can also be submitted.
  • FBI Fingerprint Criminal History
    • If volunteer has not been PA resident during previous 10 years.
    • Fee of $27.50
    • Online registration followed by visit to 3M Cogent site to have fingerprints taken.
    • The FBI check needs to be renewed every three years until the volunteer has resided in PA for the required ten consecutive years.
    • Completed in person.
  • Minsi Trails Disclosure Statement.
    • Required to completed and returned to the Committee Chair.
    • Minsi Trails Council Disclosure Statement Application for Volunteers
    • Required by the Child Protective Service Law.
    • Print this file, complete and return to Committee Chair with the completed certifications from PA State Police and PA DHS.

Vehicle Information

Vehicle information is needed for our Troop records and it used on Council Tour Permits.  This information is needed for all leaders since you may at one time be a driver on an outing and be listed on a Tour Plan for the outing.  A tour plan is needed for many of the outings that we have throughout the year.

  1. Drivers license state and number
  2. Vehicle year
  3. Vehicle make
  4. Vehicle model
  5. Number of seat belts
  6. License plate number
  7. Insurance coverage (per person, per accident, property)
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